Our Reviews

We believe our Families can say it much better than we can.

From the moment I had my initial consultation with Bailey there was no doubt in my mind that investing in her service was going to be worth every penny and it was.

Bailey’s regular visits became something we looked forward to.
Bailey understood us as a couple and was therefore able to help to empower us to make informed choices that were right for us whilst always making us feel supported and at ease.

We valued her expertise and knowledge especially the guidance on hypnobirthing & breast feeding.

Post birth we’d have been completely lost without Bailey, again regular visits, thorough checks of our little boy, breast feeding advice the list goes on!

Thanks again Bailey we are also so grateful to have had you along the journey with us.

Lyndsey, Grant & Theo 2023

Theo was Born on the Birth Centre at 40 weeks using the pool & hypnobirthing techniques.