NHS Vs Private Maternity Care: here we’ll discuss why some women are opting out & booking in.

If you are pregnant any currently feel anxious around the recent new articles and publications around maternity services I. the Uk then please know you are not alone and there are some really great suggestions you can adopt to help you navigate an already vulnerable season of your life.

Birth is and always should be considered a right of passage, a journey towards a new beginning and a new becoming. Both mother and baby are born and it should be supported and celebrated. However, that is not what modern obstetrics would have you believe. It would have you understanding that birth is something you need to rescued from and as a result created a culture of fear and doubt.

Now add into that a mix the negative narrative on the current ratings of maternity services in the UK, of which 2/3rds were rated inadequate or unfit for purpose by the regulatory body CQC and you would be right to feel a little uneasy (you can read the stats in this here & here )

Zoom out even further with the recent publication of the Birth Trauma Enquiry is it any wonder women are looking to access support and advocacy from non NHS providers such as Doula’s and Independent Midwives. Not because they can garuntee a positive outcome, but because they can be assured of 1-2-1 support and healthy personalised knowledge of their plans and needs for the birth and this baby.

A recent publication in the Guardian has illustrated that women don’t choose private midwifery because they feel they are better than what the NHS can provide, but are looking for ownership over their care & want to take back their power in birth, opting to access personalised and evidence based acre that is shown to have better outcomes & is in many cases safer.

But what if you don’t want to birth with a private midwife? Well we recommend accessing a doula for advocacy in your birth space & if that’s a step to far getting really well educated with a non-NHS antenatal class/course, such as hypnobirthing or other positive birth related courses. & if that stick doesn’t seem like the right fit for you. Many Private Midwives offer one of consultations for women wanting discussions around their personal circumstances & are will acres out a few hours to meet with you and discuss your plans, options and circumstances.

However, if you are considering care with an private midwife, why not book in free 30 minute chat (we call it a brew with Bailey) via our website and see how we can support your choices, your place of birth and navigate your pregnancy together. We offer ongoing payment plans should you feel it necessary & are happy to create individualised care packages.

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