Why should I book a private midwife?

Why You Should Book with a Private Midwife?

There are countless reasons to choose an independent midwife, but let’s dive into the biggest one here: we place YOU right at the center of your care. In mainstream services, you might feel like just another number. This is why you should book with a Private Midwife. Here, your voice is heard, your choices are respected, and your birth experience is uniquely tailored to you.

Your Birth, Your Story

Birth should be a time where you feel completely heard and supported. Building trust with your care provider is paramount, and with relationship-based, personalized care, we ensure you can instinctively trust the decisions you make. Birth is all about you—your needs, your choices. We lay all the options on the table, discuss every in and out, and support you in making informed decisions. This is the essence of curated care.

The Luxury of Curated Care

Independent midwives provide an elite level of service. We’re incredibly accessible to the women who book us, offering time-rich, focused care that mainstream services simply can’t match. Unlike the NHS, where midwives are governed by caseload numbers, we manage our service meticulously, caring for only a small number of women at any given time. This means each family gets unparalleled support and attention.

Continuity of Care

Decades of evidence show that continuity of care is the safest model of maternity healthcare. With an independent midwife, you’re guaranteed this continuity. From your first appointment to the birth of your baby, you’ll know the midwife by your side intimately. We build a trusting relationship, getting to know you, your partner, your children, and your entire story, ensuring a holistic approach to your birth.

Immersive Relationship and Exclusive Access

We treasure the immersive relationships we build with you and your family. On the day your baby is born, we seamlessly integrate into your home, allowing you to navigate a serene and surrendered birth experience. Our relationship-based care model centers trust, empowering you through childbirth—a privileged entry into a new chapter of life.

Holistic, Person-Centered Care

Our unique approach allows us to offer holistic, person-centered care. We get to know you over extended time frames, providing access to the birth experience and support team you truly desire. This is why many women are booking a private midwife.

Book Your Free Consultation

If this sounds like the care you need for your pregnancy, book a Discovery Call—a free brew with Bailey. In this 30-minute consultation, you can ask all your questions and dive deep into your pregnancy and birth needs. Simply visit our website, enter your due date, and we’ll fit you in for a call as soon as possible.

We can’t wait to hear from you. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

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