a lot of women will access our care for a guaranteed Home Birth! & we simply cannot promise it! 

what we can promise is access to it!!! We are not limited by huge caseload numbers & shift patterns, we micro manage our clients, taking on minimal numbers so we can give support, attention & time to everyone we support.

Whats the difference…

The nuanced care and relationship based model we work in can reassure you that when you choose as your brith provider we will be there when you call. None of the worry about staffing issues, location or out of the norm choices, just a known and trusted face to attend and facilitate your birth choice.

But we can’t guarantee that birth place is the one you had in your plan A scenario, often at home under twinkly lights in the pool. We can though, make you the promise that we will be with you every step of the way, wherever that step might be.

We are the ultimate birth vibes cheerleaders & we always want you to have your best possible birth, but sometimes that involves navigating the twists and turns that can come your way.

What we can PROMISE….is you will have you have your named midwife with you at your birth, be it at home or in hospital. Planned hospital birth or transfer in after a labour at home, we hold you in whatever capacity you need us to!

So let me reiterate, whilst we can’t promise the homebrith with twinkly lights and no intervention, we will always support your choices & help you navigate the weird and wonderful roadmap towards whatever birth look likes for you.

Ps. Booking an independent midwife and a homebirth reduces your risk of unnecessary intervention & complex outcomes.