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Some of the most fequentley asked


What is a Private Midwife?
Private, or independent Midwives, are fully insured midwives, legally registered with the same qualifications as our NHS counterparts but we choose to work outside of the structure of the NHS. We are registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council and legally obligated to declare our practice in the same ways as nurses and midwives within a hospital setting.
Where do Private Midwives work?
I provide your care in your own home and plan my services around your needs (obscure hours are often considered normal for me). I continue to liase and build relationships within local NHS trusts in order to give you a unique access to understanding their guidelines. 
What can Private Midwives do?

We provide the same cares as traditional NHS midwives, monitoring mother and baby at each and every appointment and after details discussion with you & helping you decide we can refer to your local hospital if we feel it is necessary for the safety of your care. We have the luxury of time and have smaller caseloads of  women to care for so can provide you with more tailored, curtaed services, seeing you much more frequently and at times to suit your needs.

Why would I choose a Private Midwife instead of free NHS care?

I love the National Health Service and have spent most of my career working within its maternity system. However, the reality for many is that my wonderful NHS colleagues are limited by time constraints, oversaturated by huge caseloads of women and are governed by hospital policy and guidelines that might not consider you as the unique pregnant person that you are. It is because of these limitations that I choose to now work in the model of private Midwifery. My time as your private midwife is dedicated to you, I spend hours and hours with my clients, building relationships and trust that helps you feel confident in your journey. I am also able to really educate both you and your partner in a really specific way, talking to you as the individual not just another number on my ever-growing list. For many women they feel the system lets them down, they are unseen or traumatised by misinformation & scare mongered into decision making within the support they really need, I believe (my clients can confirm) that individualised care can really overcome these obstacles and help you take ownership and authority over the system that serves the system.

What about Birth?

Birth provision is fully insured & we work closely with NHS care providers and other private midwives to ensure your birth choices are heard & you are placed at the centre of your care. I facilitate a limited number of births in any given time frame to ensure your experience is prioritised & you are able to rely on our provision.


Do you work Alone?

Some independent midwives choose to work as sole practitioners and others work in practice provider groups, I work closely alongside my colleagues geographically and between us we have over 40 years of experience. This means you not only get great quality care, but a varied support system if you wish to access other providers too. 

Do we need to pay the full cost of our care package upfront?

A non-refundable deposit is taken at booking. Flexible payment plans can be made on an individual basis. Insurance fees if applicable will be required at 36 weeks of pregnancy.

What about tests/scans/blood tests?

 You will receive the same care packages of scans and bloods via the NHS booking hospital of choice, I am also able to signpost to further testing should this be your preference. If you wish to avoid NHS involvement we can work around this at an added cost for screening & blood tests.

What Areas Do You Cover?

From Yorkshire to Lanacashire & everywhere inbetween. We cover a variety of areas and locations at Your request.

We’ve listed a few, but get in touch and we will probably cover your area or signpost you to someone else that will.

West Yorkshire: Brighouse, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Leeds, Harrogate, Halifax.

South Yorkshire: Sheffeild, Bransley.

East Yorkshire: Harrogate, York, Doncaster

Manchester, Greater Manchester, Oldham.

Cheshire, Chester, Mersyside, Liverpool.

Finding a Midwife that works with you & for you can be really daunting, these are just some of the questions we get asked as a Private Midwife.

I work alongside Some amazing professionals in the birth and maternity system.

I’ve listed justly a few here:

My work Wife comes along for most births and you can find her at @MyYorkshireMidwife

The fabulous Amanda @My Calm Birth (she was actually my own Midwife too!)

Zest Midwifery 

Should we need to cover cares for one another if clinical need arises, such as illness or family commitments, we will need to call on each other. Should this be the case; you will be in very experienced hands.

Still have some burning questions to answer? Why not Contact us for a no obligation chat: