It should be a whooping and hollering kind of day where we celebrate the amazing profession that is midwifery. But in 2024, this day is just another day of burn out and sadness for many in a profession that has been underfunded and understaffed for decades.

The majority of maternity services in the UK are rated as inadequate in the care they provide. Many midwives are leaving the profession due to stress and burnout, finding themselves at a loss of how they can provide safe and compassionate care in an environment that doesn’t support them to.

Many more midwives are looking for alternative models to work in; where women’s choices are upheld and care is respectfully provided. As a result, independent midwifery is becoming a welcome new kid back on the scene.

Now able to provide care in a way that puts the woman back in the safety and centre of her story & making a work life balance an achievable reality. This way of providing relationship based care is on the rise again and give a glimmer of hope to all who experience it and practice it.

It calls back into place traditional midwifery skills, evidence based practice and learning and gives women and families hope that birth with their named midwife is an achievable reality.

happy midwives lead to happier women, and more opportunity for better outcomes and experiences.

So on this IDM 2024, let’s celebrate hope. Hope of better things to come & a turning tide of care putting women and midwives back in centre of birth.

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