Our Reviews

We believe our Families can say it much better than we can.

Knowing I had someone fully supporting my choices and cheering me on was essential & we couldn’t have wished for more from Bailey. 

Knowing that I had guaranteed access to home birth, would have a familiar face & team who had been supporting me throughout my whole pregnancy was what made me feel so relaxed during my labour. 

I knew that whatever course my labour took I was receiving the best care possible. 

At around 7am on the 30th of August I woke to feeling surges, I knew these were different to my normal Braxton Hicks that I had been experiencing. I sent a message to Bailey for some emotional support and to update her. 

During the early stages of labour Bailey was right at the end of the phone to support me emotionally & answer any questions I had which helped me to stay calm & keep progressing. I spent the morning & early afternoon labouring at home and using all of the tips that I had learnt with Bailey throughout my pregnancy to connect with my baby & stay as calm as possible. 

As the night went on I kept labouring at home under the full moon knowing that I would soon be meeting my baby boy & that he would come when he was ready. 

I had such a positive mindset because of all of the time that Bailey was able to spend with me & my partner talking to us about what to expect & all about physiological birth.

By around 3am we decided it was time for some more support at home, knowing that it was going to be familiar faces arriving helped me to stay in my birth bubble and relaxed. 

My labour didn’t go exactly as planned & we decided as a team that I needed to transfer into hospital, everything was explained to me so that I still felt in control of the situation & knew exactly what was happening. 

The whole experience at home felt empowering & i couldn’t have felt more secure in the care I was receiving both physically and psychologically. 

We can’t thank Bailey enough for the impact she made on my pregnancy and birth experience. Having someone on my side & supporting my choices was invaluable.

Emilia’s Planned Homebirth with a hospital Transfer 2023