Yay, you’re pregnant! Congratulations! The first pregnancy is one full of crazy questions and a hell of a lot of relying on Dr Google! In this blog post we’ll answer the question on a lot of lips around the safety of Homebirth, especially in your first pregnancy.

So Can I Have My First Baby at Home? The short answer is YES!

The long answer…it’s your decision and one that should fully informed & evidence based. So in this blog post we’ll deep dive into the benefits of birthing your first baby at home and some of the challenges you might want to consider when asking Can’ I have my first baby at home’.

The decision of where to birth your baby is one of the most significant you’ll make during your pregnancy journey. While hospitals are the traditional choice for childbirth since the rise of medical intervention since the 19040’s, but many women are now increasingly considering home birth as a viable and empowering option. If we look at the scale of time, historically birth at home was very much the norm & hospital care is the new trend.

What exactly does having a home birth involve?

In a nut shell, it is the experience of giving birth in the comfort and familiarity of your own home, supported by a qualified midwife or healthcare provider experienced in out-of-hospital births. It’s a choice that allows women to create a personalised and intimate birthing environment, allowing for physiological birth to unfold; surrounded by loved ones and without the clinical setting of a hospital.

Benefits of Choosing Home Birth for Your First Baby

Giving birth at home allows you to remain in a space where you feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed. Familiar surroundings can help reduce stress and anxiety, promoting a smoother labour experience. We know that when left undisturbed, the hormonal activity needed for your body to birth your baby, happens best in a comfortable and familiar setting. It is less likely to be disturbed & therefore less likely to encounter adrenaline responses that can stall and interfere with the birthing journey.

Personalised Care:

With a midwife who offers relationship-based care, you receive personalised attention and support tailored to your needs and preferences. This continuous support throughout labour can enhance your confidence and sense of empowerment & we have evidence to show that continuity of carer is the best form of intervention to reduce mortality and further mum or baby hospitalisation. This is because we really get to know you & your needs, meeting them a creating a relationship that you are able to trust and lean on this vulnerable time.

Reduced Intervention:

Home birth is associated with lower rates of medical interventions such as cesarean sections, episiotomies, and epidurals. For many women, this translates to a more natural and physiological birth experience. 95% of women who planned a home birth using their named midwife, independent or privately practicing midwife would end up with a vaginal delivery, vs just 47% of women who planned to birth in an hospital setting ( see the study here )

Increased Autonomy: (You do You!)

Choosing home birth allows you to take an active role in decision-making throughout your birth journey. You have the freedom to move, eat & birth your way in positions that feel most comfortable to you, promoting a sense of control and autonomy

Family Involvement:

Home birth enables partners, family members, and even older siblings to actively participate in the birth process, fostering a deeper sense of connection and involvement in welcoming the newest family member. Plus it normalises birth for the future generation and creates confidence in those around that your choice involves them too.

Addressing Concerns and Common Homebirth Misconceptions


Contrary to common misconceptions, home birth for low-risk pregnancies attended by a qualified midwife is considered safe and associated with positive outcomes for both mother and baby. Midwives are trained to recognise and manage any complications that may arise during labor. National statistics currently show that Homebirth has 99% chance of normal outcomes for mum and baby (Hospital birth is only slightly less risk at 99.5%)

Emergency Preparedness:

Registered midwives, especially those of us who work in the homebirth space as experts in this environment, come prepared with a wealth of knowledge & emergency equipment and protocols to handle unforeseen complications. Additionally, we maintain a close working relationship with local hospitals for seamless transfer if necessary, ensuring your safety remains a top priority.

Pain Management:

While pain relief options may differ from those available in a hospital setting, home birth offers various comfort measures, including the use of birth pools for water immersion, massage, and relaxation techniques to manage pain effectively during labor. We also are skilled in the biomechanics of birth, aromatherapy & having a named midwife you trust is known to be a form of comfort for many.

Embracing the Possibility of Home Birth

So, can you have your first baby at home? Absolutely! It’s a decision that empowers you to reclaim your birthing experience, celebrate the natural process of childbirth, and welcome your little one into the world in a gentle and nurturing environment. Changing the narrative and embracing historical norms.

Whether you envision a calm water birth in a birth pool or prefer the intimacy of your own bedroom, home birth offers a transformative journey that creates strength, resilience, and innate ability to birth your baby with confidence.

If you’re considering home birth for your first baby, reach out to us at your private midwife. We can answer any other questions you might have in a virtual Brew With Bailey. Together, we can embark on a journey of main character birthing, trust, and the celebration of a brand new beginning.

Remember, the choice of where to birth your baby is ultimately yours. Trust your instincts, explore your options, and embrace the possibility of home birth as a beautiful and empowering choice for your first birthing experience.

By choosing home birth, you’re not just birthing your baby; you’re birthing a new chapter of power, trust, and joy into your life’s story & we are 100% here for that!