With your private midwife

All our Care Packages are Curated For you!


Having a Midwife that works for you & with you; puts you back in the centre of your experience & get you the most out of your journey. Because lets aknowledge that its your birth & nobody elses!

We believe that women deserve choice & therefore all our private midwifery care is personalised, relationship based and grounded in physiology and normal birth practices. These care packages can all be individualised to you & a FREE 30 minute chat prior to your booking will help you discuss your questions and get to know us before you make any decisions.

Our popular midwifery care packages  are listed below, they are all fully insured & are packed with relationship based value.

Private Midwife Baby

NHS comparison.

Booking appointment/Scan/Bloods referral to Hospital if needed

20 Minute face to face contact at 16/25/28/31/34/36/38/40 Weeks 

Limited phone support from named midwife, 24hr service via hospital if needed

Birth in Hospital or home if staffing allows

Postnatal checks & screening days 1/3/5/10 (usually in a clinic)

Discharge to Health Visitor & GP services no later than day 28.

Birth is a right of passage and self trust should be at the centre. Picking your birth team should compliment this trust and work towards listening to your choices.

Finding a Private Midwife to bring you a birth Service that you can trust and count on is really important. Knowing the team you are going to have around is proven to support confident physiological normal birth.  Plus better outcomes for both mums and babies. This has been shown time & time again in the evidence around safest mode of birth.

Bailey, at Your Private Midwife, is working with other amazing birth workers to bring you great care. Both in and out of hospital. Now you can build relationships and feel surrounded by support wherever you choose to birth.

Between these birth service workers we have decades of experience.  Both in hospital and at home birth.  We love nothing more than putting choice and confidence back in your birth space. Working together as a team to support you in your birth space.  Then helping you into the parenting journey, getting continuity and familiarity to support those next steps.

On call for your birth following pregnancy care, Breastfeeding, parenting support and so much more. Book with us from any gestation to start the journey to feeling powerful and heard from your named support. We will advocate for you and inform your choices with confidence.