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a first time mums story of how a private midwife worked for her.

So before I share my story, let me start by saying, I wouldn’t have survived without Bailey. Period!

I was a so called “geriatric” mother, & I’ve been very anxious about the whole experience from antenatal to postnatal. Worrying about all aspects of things leading up to labour, plus there are things that I don’t know what I don’t know, so I really wanted to have someone close by that I can rely on and seek help and support.

This is where I came across Bailey and her private midwife service.

Bailey offered an initial consultation, where I was put to ease immediately. She really listened to my needs and worries at the time of our discussion and her service is very much tailored approach which is what I hoped for.

After my daughter was born, Bailey provided much needed guidance and support during the early weeks of the postnatal period. It was very overwhelming experience at the beginning for me both physically and emotionally, so Bailey was holding my hand all the way, making sure the wellbeing of both my daughter and myself.

‘Taking one step at the time and making small wins every day’, is what Bailey used to say to me, her encouragement and support is what saw me through at the beginning of the postnatal period.

Beside the emotional support, Bailey has been wonderful in providing breastfeeding support too, who also provided a starter kit for me to use. She worked with me and helped me with everything relating to breastfeeding, she was very knowledgeable and very good at dealing with my concerns. Above all, Bailey has been wonderful caring for my little one too, every visit, she does all the checks and record them accurately, which shows her professionalism to do things right. Most importantly, she really cared, and really listened!

In the 8 weeks, I went from extremely anxious new mother to a growing confident mother, all thanks to Bailey. Her guidance, care and support gave us an excellent start as a family unit, for which we are truly grateful of her service.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bailey and her service to anyone. Worth every penny!      Ellen, Gareth & Alice 2022

Alice was Born in the hospital following induction  at 41 weeks.